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Uniting The Small Landlord

In 1998, a couple of small landlords, searching for landlord tenant laws in New Jersey and New York decided to collect and organize these paper files and started to record this information in Word documents. We would share them with our friends who were also small landlords. Fax or email.

To make it easier to share these documents, we created The National Landlord Tenant Guide. We soon discovered that there are many people on all sides of the Landlord Tenant partnership. There are landlords, tenants, lawyers, real estate agents, property managers, insurance agents, maintenance people and many more or are involved with the landlord tenant relationship.

As Small Landlords we often felt neglected by many or looked like we were just some greedy people. In fact, all we try to do is provide safe housing for our tenants and pay our own bills. Most of us self manage our property and our property is our BUSINESS.

So today, after 15 years, we are announcing the beginning of our service for folks like us, the Small Landlord. Join us. The more that join, the stronger we become. .

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One of our first steps is to establish a new Tenant Screening tool.  While we wait for this, please visit our current Tenant Screening tool by at

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